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Adam Sarkozi [REDACTED]

by Expose USA Homewreckers
Adam Sarkozi [REDACTED]

Adam Sarkozi [REDACTED]. ADAM SARKOZI [REDACTED] we’ve all met some real low lives in the world we live in, this infested goof is about as trashy they come. Got fired from every job he’s had, so what does this winner do? Opens up a “car scrapping business” as a front to curb cars and cheat his way out of paying taxes. This drd-infested neo-nazi has zero problem selling cars to people, that wouldn’t even come close to passing a safety test. Buy’s clunkers off crack heads in the SE and NE, and sells them to hard-working middle class, or puts them through an auction; actually laughed about selling a lemon to a single female last month; she probably was just trying to find a safe vehicle for her and her kids, but what can you expect from a classless coward piece of sh1t. Maybe if you didn’t spend so much cash on floozies and pepsi, (not even kidding a little bit) you would get a real job and contribute to society, versus fuking everyone over and filling your pockets, all the while compensating for the baby d1ck, (you’ve seemingly always had and cry about) and baby nuts that over-use of steroids has produced. This shady goof is already reaping what he sows; he got his head caved in at cowboys for mouthing off cops, (and a criminal record to boot) last I heard can barely make ends meet, although he’s great at pretending.

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