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Amber Danker Homewrecker, Cheater and Child Abuser

by USA Homewreckers

This girl is something else. She goes all over social media whining and crying and praising god. Claiming she doesnt do drugs and talks about sobriety and plays like she is a great mom. She actually has not seen her children since the first week of June. She picked them up the last week of may and brought them back the first week of June with 4 parasites..yes, 4 parasites. BEDBUGS, LICE, PINWORMS, RINGWORM. Her two youngest girls HAD WORMS. They now also show signs of abandonment and abuse. She has no car an no job. She also slept with a pregnant girls boyfriend the whole time she was pregnant and Amber was married! She still is married! Shes running from getting served and crying to her ex and still husband wanting to come home. What…the affair didnt work out for you two behind good people? The grass wasnt greener on the other side?? Guess not huh. She doesnt give a crap about the man she brags to the now single mom about taking. She brags that the man she slept with while his girlfriend was pregnant about how he hasnt met her son. She has another daughter she hasnt seen in 6 months or checked on. She is a heavy meth user and is hoping the man she “stole” is going to marry her and support her forever. She plotted with another crackhead to do it. She lies and says her ex beat her but he didnt and she made fake donation sites to beg or money saying she is in a battered womans shelter with her children but she actually partying every day and lying saying she cannot see her kids. She just doesnt want to check on them. She is a horrible mother and person and a total passed around slut. She has 3 men that come for her when her boyfriend she “Stole” leaves her house. They think running around dumping their kids at crack houses and cheating on their spouses is hilarious. Guess selling meth isnt working out for her since she doesnt even have a car…funny how that worked out. this whore is really hustling people but that is about to come to an end. Does she realize she looks 45? figured for doing nothing but lying, smoking crack and screwing men with pregnant girlfriends and never working a day in her life she would actually be cute. He boo boo saw your hooker add. You arent 5’6 120lbs. hahah try 5’2 and 160

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