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Beaverfaced Troll

by USA Homewreckers

Well well it’s good to finally see you do know how to get your own husband and stop using everyone else’s as you’re personal property!
Diana Lynn Watson Matney of Clyde N.C.
She is the most crass human being I have ever seen! Trailer trash to the core! She pretends now to be all holier than thou, but let me tell ya she is like a kid that doesn’t know sound travels ! Telling my husband while I’m pregnant that she is horny! Then jumping in my van and rolling around like a cat in heat! Well you just thought your secrete was safe!im here to let the whole little town of waynesville and Clyde in on it too! I hope your husband finds out what a disgusting troll you are! You can pretend this away! It’s time I take my rightful place and put you in yours! I can’t wait till your family and friends find out you are only pretending to be a normal human being! You are a disgusting whore and you should get class lessons! You don’t have any class! I hope you die alone! You think you took something from me? You didn’t !
My now grown children know all about you! You are ugly to the bone! I hope you sleep well at night knowing everyone now knows! You’re a creep! You’re a cheap whore! You’re the ugliest person inside and out! Get your own life! And see how your hubby deals!

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