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Brian James Mesheimer Stay Clear

by Expose USA Homewreckers
Brian James Mesheimer Stay Clear

Brian James Mesheimer Stay Clear. Brian James Mesheimer is a man you’ll want to stay clear of ! He suffers from diagnosed ptsd and bi polar . He is a master manipulator, user, liar and both physically and verbally abusive . He loved bombed, gaslighted and has used woman and thrown them out . He has 6 children with 4 woman and has had every child either taken or withheld from having any contact with him because of his toxic abusive behavior.He likes to spread his seed and bail on any responsibility. Mental illness is not excuse for abandoning children and abusing woman . He lies and cheats and creates narratives that help him deal with his shame and trauma. His birthdate is [REDACTED] he has a tattoo of yoda smoking a pipe on his lower leg . He’s originally from Chicago and now lives in Marin county California. Even his sister said to stay away from him ,I lived in a hell of hurt and heartache , protect your honor your heart and your life and stay clear. He’s a broken man who only brings about hurt.

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