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by USA Homewreckers

This pigeoned toed hoe is a hot mess! Robert and all the other victims that touched that big ol dirty pussy needs to be aware of the fact that this side piece HAS HERPES👏🏼! The bitch dirty and nasty…Always crying for money…Asking for abortion money ……shitty way to pay bills.. …… but won’t prove a real pregnancy or real abortion but tries to pass of some bullshit paperwork. Using some Trick ass hoe name Brii Nikole Mor! Bitch you is a thot!.. easy lay.. require nothing but a few words about urself ….Not much time is required. She is a fake who glorifies herself as someone she wants to be but is truly white trash looking for a way out of her shit life.
Disrespect for herself bleeds into the way she sees life! Has no thought for those who may be victims of her actions …. cause she is down right self righteous asshole who only cares about one person.. HERSELF and that shit is UGLY! And that is WHY she can’t get her OWN man… and why she is a mess! Good luck to her new girlfriend … who we hear has beat this hoe… well deserved … Brii Brii is dirty and can’t keep that dirty hole closed or her mouth off dicks! Taken ones are the best to her!🤪
Get meds fothose herpes! AKA-Brittany Nicole Morris -Brii Brii…

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