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Bryan E. Wilson — Fort Worth, Texas

by usaHomewrecker
Bryan E. Wilson — Fort Worth, Texas

Bryan E. Wilson — Fort Worth, Texas


This cokehead is cuckoo, he depends on his best friend, Adam Wafford, for the drugs that he says keep him sane. Adam supposedly buys from a judges’ brother and his friend doesn’t know which one. But, that mystery aside, Bryan is losing his mind, there are so many girls he’s cheated on and given social diseases that it’s coming back to haunt him, he’s paranoid. It could be all the clients he’s f****d over or the random people he verbally abuses.

He’s the Law hawk, a piece of s**t attorney who thinks he’s above paying child support just because he dumped the drug w***e mothers for other drugs and other whores. You can look this piece of eagle s**t up on the internet and, if you want to lose your case, use Mr. hawk s**t, judges know about this gun-toting, dope-fiend lawyer who talks down to everyone – some of them think he DOESN’T rule the courtroom, one of them must know he a good customer of his brothers’.

Nasty is coming to bite you Bryan, snort a big line and look over your shoulder, get ready to shoot at your own shadow. It isn’t, Martha Leigh, the 21-year old you infected with drd’s, or Molly Walters, who you abused and gave drd’s and turned-on to toot. Who else have you f****d over Bryan? There have been many, countless as a matter of fact, victims of your verbal abuse while you were coked out of your f*****g mind.

Remember? How well do you really know your friend, Adam Wafford? What’s that drug dealer been saying behind your back? Paranoia strikes in shadows and from strangers in chambers. You might want to cop a plea and clean up your act, there’s eagle s**t all over your suit, a*****e, and there’s at least one judge who is tired of hearing about your corruption and lack of moral fiber. Who’s the last person you spilled a drink on and were rude to, can you even remember, dope?

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