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Chris Jones Cheating Loser

by Expose USA Homewreckers
Chris Jones Cheating Loser

Chris Jones Cheating Loser. Guy will feed you nothing but lies and keep his options open while he cheats on you, spends his time on tinder, and bumble, and pretends he’s such a great guy, he’s actually “sleeping”! watch out bc you’ll never be the only girl he talks to!! When the mask comes off you’ll realize who he really is!! Good luck cuz he’ll cheat on you too!! Yikes. Verbally abusive, emotionally abusive, physically abusive, check out the holes in his walls from the rage. 100% narcissist who doesn’t do any wrong and plays victim. Not to mention he doesn’t wrap it up so you’re sleeping with the rest of the town while with him! Don’t trust a word he says. He’s not “sleeping” he’s getting drunk off your money while talking to other women. Will block you and unblock you when he’s got someone else on the go. Real winner. Unfaithful drunk loser!!

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