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Colin Henderson Camden SC

by Expose USA Homewreckers
Colin Henderson Camden SC

Colin Henderson Camden SC. This guy Colin Henderson is a serial cheater, master manipulator, and extremely deceitful. He’ll make you think you are the only one but in reality you are only one of 20. He will charm his way into your heart, your home, your bed, and your finances. He claims to be an empath and can cry on cue, but he actually lacks real feeling and has zero remorse for cheating and emptying your bank accounts. He uses everyone for his own gain, even his children. They are part of his sob story to gain sympathy, along with all the women who have done him wrong. He will convince you to block people who have “wronged him” when in reality he’s only trying to shield you from the truth. He is the problem; not his exes. He takes no responsibility in his destructive deceitful behavior. He is a drug user; marijuana, cocaine and pills to be precise. Get a drug test.His game is to make you feel valued and understood, showering you with affection and compliments. All the while doing the same thing to many many others. His full-time job is trolling dating sites for hook ups and his next victim to pay his way all while laying right next to you. Beis abusive to his animals and overall not a good person at all. I still cringe that i allowed him around my teenage daughter. Be safe and get an STD test if you have had unprotected s*x with this man.

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