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by USA Homewreckers

Crespina Ramona Heredia of Wichita/Dodge City, Kansas is as big of a lying, extremely delusional, cheating, homewrecking, stalker harlot as she is a cheating homewrecker. She has been engaged to Magdaleno and has been freeloading off of his mother and sister for years now all while they support her while she is out sexting all guys, including Magdaleno’s friends and coworkers. Crespina Heredia is known for stalking taken guys (and especially guys Magdaleno knows) on their Facebooks, Snapchat, Instagram, and other forms of media. She will memorize their usernames, save all of her chats with guys, heart every guy’s photos on Facebook, continuously message them, etc. Crustina is so gross, she even has private snaps of herself showing of her gross tub of lard troll face and body. All Magdaleno’s friends know about what a cheating, lying, sloot Crustina is and feel bad for Magdaleno but also think they are both nuts who get off on Crustina’s pathetic, trashy behaviour. Crustina is so pathetic that she sexts guys who nickname her “Crustina” and think she’s ugly and disgusting, but she is so delusional that she believes they like her when they would sext anyone with legs. The only guys Magdaleno knows who don’t give her the time of day are the fit, attractive ones who have dignity, good taste and self-respect and would never slum it with a fat, ugly, delusional troll like Crespina. Magdaleno knows of all Crespina’s cheating and still enables her and supports her for God knows what reason. Maybe he’s a c*cklord. Magdaleno also admitted to knowing about Crustina sexting his friends’ husbands, but still did nothing to stop her. Crespina Heredia will be fake-nice to your face all while sending gross nudes of her tub of lard body to your man and knowing she’s engaged and you’re in a relationship, too. She is a self-proclaimed Christian who is a big sloot and continues to physically cheat on Magdaleno and sext other guys while she freeloads off of him and his family.

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