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Daniel Stenson – long island

by USA Homewreckers

Daniel Stenson – long island.Known for many addictions. cheating is one of them. He uses social media to find his next victims. Sleeping with multiple women at once. he has no problem having unprotected s*x and forcing women to have abortions. He hits the gins he deals With too. He has a total of four children that is known and is a dead beat father to all 4. He lies and creates stories to gain sympathy and monetary gains. He has used a lot of women for money, promising a relationship in return. and as soon as he gets what he wants. He disappears. He is the most manipulating man a person can come across. His Instagram is blitzlikefritz for now. He is disgusting, Gamble’s, spends money at the strip clubs, and on drugs, but doesn’t help his family. Leaves his kids with nothing while he is out With the new flavor of the week

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