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Darren Ambler

by usaHomewrecker
Darren Ambler

Talk about’Coincidence’! This url could have been designed for Darren Ambler. It talks about Sociopaths and all their traits. Fits Darren Ambler exactly. It is an excellent piece not only for Darren but for all Sociopath- Narcissists out there.

It discusses a Sociopath’s need for control. Their need for complete ownership of a person. Just like when Darren Ambler tries to totally control his former Lovers and Drug addicts. They engage in risky sexual behaviors and they feel they do not have to explain their actions to any one. Never feel remorse or sorrow.

The Narcissist-Sociopath cares about “Themselves” only. They actually enjoy hurting and inflicting pain upon others. They will gaslight- slander and brutally back-stab anyone who confronts them or threatens to expose them and their behaviors to friends- family and whomever. They can not be helped and average ever day people need to keep their distance and do not become involved wth these sick predators. They almost always have sick outrageous hang ups and obsessions like S*x- Drugs- P*********y- and other bazaar and outrageous things.

Please view: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XZOOA9heAf0

You must be fully aware at all times what the Narcissist Sociopath i capable of and take appropriate measures to protect yourself.

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