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Double Life Joel Emerson

by Expose USA Homewreckers
Double Life Joel Emerson

Double Life Joel Emerson. This double life losers real name is Joel Emerson uses the name Kevin Richards online biggest loser in the city he will tell u everything u want to hear he will tell u he loves u and that he wants to start a family with u he will tell u how much money he makes as a investment guy when he is actually a greasy michanic what he won’t tell u is that he’s married and has a baby at home when u call him out on his bullsh1t he turns it around on u as if ur the fuked up one then he makes up some bolony story about how he’s in an open relationship but in reality cluless morbidly obese wife Chleo sitting at home watching kid while fat boy is out fuking anything that moves has no idea what he dose on his lunch breaks during the week or when shes out of town must wonder where the stains on her bed in 401 cum from if ur on kik fet or pof watch out for this pervert never trust a man with 2 phones.

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