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Dr. Jacques Aristilde — Spring Hill, Florida

by Expose USA homewreckers

At 15 she was developing into a woman. She had her first part-time job, after school, at the doctor’s office. Dr. Jacques Aristilde couldn’t wait for her to be grown, he was always touching her, started touching her in a sexual manner while she was still just a girl working under his guidance as a doctor and an employer. Shoulder rubs turned into a*s massages and the poor thing was confusing. She didn’t want to lose her job but this man was getting really creepy, acting like every grope and squeeze was an accident. She finally had to tell mommy. He admitted to police that he knew she was under the age of 18 and said he was sorry. She didn’t want to say anything to the other employees in the office but she knew she wasn’t ready to have him touch her like he was slipping money in a garter belt. He was too old and strange acting. She hopes she gave another girl working in the office the courage to report Dr. Aristilde before he ended up sexually assaulting anyone else in his employ.


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