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Dr. Shafik Ahmad — Murder For Hire

by Expose USA homewreckers

Guilty! A Dayton doctor is facing sentencing following deliberation that led to a guilty decision. In a case that shocked the community, conspiracy to commit murder, Dr. Shafik Ahmad tried to use Josh Ryan to hire a hitman to kill his wife. He didn’t want to do it himself. Mr. Ryan then went to the police with the $2,000 advance he had been given to find a killer for hire. With his practice in Huber Heights and Trotwood on hold, and still in jail on a 3-million dollar bond, Dr. Ahmad’s defense attorney, Jon Paul Rion, said he is appealing the case. Some of the details of the murder for hire were captured on audiotape when detectives wired Mr. Ryan for a meeting with Dr. Ahmad. The doctor’s wife, Kristin Hornsby, was the intended target, and he had supplied pictures of her so that the human target, the mother of his child, was clearly identified. Dr. Shafik Ahmad had formerly been accused of sexual misconduct and had several civil suits by over a dozen female patients on file. At least one suit was settled for over $30,000. The plot to have his wife murdered was at least partly an attempt at gaining custody of their child. Sentencing awaits.


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