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Dr. Travis Hubin, DO — Wichita, Kansas

by Expose USA homewreckers

If you can’t afford to pay for your doctor’s visit, alternative options are now available. If you’re willing to have s*x in exchange for your co-pay, Dr. Travis D. Hubin or one of his friends will gladly film you in a live performance and promptly dismiss your medical bill. Participants are encouraged to be somewhat fir, at least 15-years of age and not currently sick or showing symptoms of any illness. You must sign a waiver giving the doctor to distribute the film as he sees necessary to cover all associated costs with the creation and distribution of said p**n flick. This offer isn’t for patients who are camera shy and it’s not clear if Dr. Travis will participate beyond merely acting as a backup fluffer. He can be reached at the office or his home number whenever the filming schedule stops for the day.

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