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GarageDoorService.com — Charge for service not provided

by usaHomewrecker

Overcharge for 20 minutes of service with no parts. Charge for service not provided. The technician was supposedly Donald, but the name on the shirt was Taylor. The visit was to fix a problem with the sensors. They are operating as Fort Worth Overhead Garage Door Service Company https://fortworthtxoverheadgaragedoorservicecompany.com/ when I contacted them in 10/2016 to which is who I contacted 2 1/2 years ago to install a new motor and tune up the garage door. The technician who came out then was great and did an awesome job. The quoted charges where: 199.99 – Motor Service 199.99 – Door Balance 189.99 – Lube and Tune Service As he explained it, the Lube and Tune Service was to make the door go up and down easier with less resistance. I tested the door unhooked from the motor and found no difference in how smooth or level of effort it took to manually lift the garage door. The Lube and Tune service was supposed to include loosening all the bolts between each panel so that the panels could realign and then tighten them again. The Motor Service was supposed to include taking the motor apart and servicing the motor. After about 20 minutes, he knocked on my door and asked me try the garage door button and it as working. The issue as he explained it to me was that he just needed to make an adjustment to the motor resistance level which he realized after he took off the side panel from the motor. I thought great there was no need for a Motor Service or Lube, Tune Service or a Door Balance that we would be back the base 89.99 service charge quoted when I made the appointment. That was until he told me the total was 678.97 I find it highly unlikely that he loosed and adjusted a total of 30 bolts in approximately 20 minutes in addition to balancing the door. He indicated there was no need to remove the motor as the problem was just an adjustment to a the resistance setting. When I mentioned the name change, he commented oh yeah the owner does that every few years and something to do with BBB. At the time, mentally I was in a combination of needing to get back to work and disbelief of the charge. The charge was more than the original charge to install the new motor 2 1/2 years ago.

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