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Guys Beware!! Bree Reigh (Pelle) Of Edmonton Is A Psychopath

by Expose USA Homewreckers
Guys Beware!! Bree Reigh (Pelle) Of Edmonton Is A Psychopath

Guys Beware!! Bree Reigh (Pelle) Of Edmonton Is A Psychopath. This chick has some serious issues… Claims to be this sweet “Christian” lady that was mistreated however that is far from the truth. She is very unstable and her actions are far from godly. A buddy of mine ended up getting her pregnant after a few short months of knowing her, and after numerous times of trying to make it work for his family, he realized that it was too much of a toxic environment, and it was better for their daughter if they were apart. She was super insecure and would constantly track his location on all his devices , he was never allowed to do anything without her, even when he was at work she was harassing him every 5 minutes to get a play by play of his day, it was a lot, he had absolutely no privacy, she even reached out to all his female friends on his social media, trying to find out if they had been in contact , it was really bad) .. This later turned into the messiest custody battle of life, where she actually fabricated horrible lies to try to keep his sweet daughter away from him.. Sadly It didn’t stop there, while this was all going on she would create numerous fake accounts on many social media platforms to harass his family and friends on, and when I say numerous I mean hundreds of accounts and would say the most disturbing things, to him, his family, and his friends. Which than escalated with her posting fake google reviews to try and lower his business rating on google. When this wasn’t enough she turned to tik tok, [REDACTED]. , and continued to taunt him with more of her lies , trying to ruin his character with all the videos she created and break him down that way…. He wanted so badly to move past this and just work on a positive relationship for their daughter , but she was making it impossible to do that, she wanted to destroy every part of him physically and mentally…. And sadly she succeeded, he ended up taking his own life this week… She drove him to this. And now that sweet little girl has to grow up without her dad all because her mom was too selfish to focus on what truly matters. I hope to god that when their daughter is older , she learns of her moms part in all of this, and that the reason her dad is no longer with us , had a lot to do with her moms selfish actions and agenda.. RIP Vincent Levesque. You are missed by so many! [REDACTED]

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