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Ideal Image Development — laser hair removal

by usaHomewrecker

Ideal Image Development — laser hair removal

I am highly upset and agree with you ladies. Ideal Image is a RIP off. The company and consultants are falsely advertising their products and laser removal. Before I signed up I ask the sales woman “what if it doesn’t work do I still qualify for treatments? Are these extra treatments included in the price?” The consultant explain to me and my boyfriend at the time that if hair starts to grow back that extra treatments are available at no cost. How I know because I asked the woman several times if there is a extra cost when the hair grows back. She also tells me this is a lifetime guarantee contact. All lies again. In fact you do have to pay more out of pocket. Plus before I received my last treatment. I waited to see if the hair will grow back. Of course it did. Especially my upper lip and chin area. I’m very disappointed in Ideal Image.
Ideal Image Development Customer Service
United States

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