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Jennifer Kuo Pepsi Fake Sloot

by Expose USA Homewreckers
Jennifer Kuo Pepsi Fake Sloot

Jennifer Kuo Pepsi Fake Sloot. Jenn dumb b1tch cvnt who hangs out with all these drug dealers and is trying to be a criminal defense lawyer. Ironic? This girl shows off her grades cause everyone is always taking about how stupid she is. 23 year old who’s been trying to get into law school for years. All she posts about is her homework as if she’s special, that’s what every student and going to school is homegirl. Bangs all these dealers so she has the hookups to free pepsi and thinks every man is in love with her. Not to mention how big of a home wrecker she is posting about stealing other girls man. Likes to show her fake tits… they’re as big as her head and droop down to the earring back smelling v@g of hers. Looks like she breastfed and gave birth to a soccer team of yutes. Thinks she some sick sh1t for moving to a big city, crazy psycho a55 b1tch that just screams at the top of her lungs for no reason. But as she said, just wait till her sugar daddy pays for her to get her none existed a55 done and her hair extensions fall out. The amount of filler in this girls face is ridiculous, only posts old pics of her body cause she’s fat as fuk now. Likes to show off as if she has $$$ by buying designer but is pulling out student loans like no ones business. Stop trying to look rich.

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