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Jenny Svancara; Jenny Thomas; Jenny Alicia, Jenny Ali

by USA Homewreckers

This individual has many aka names along with many people she has tried to get money out of while playing the victim. She took hundreds of thousands from her last roommate who committed suicide. She then after his death put up a go fund.me account yet again to cash in on his death how pathetic! She changes her name often just to con people out of finding out who she really is on any particular day. Jenny Svancara is so angry she has to take to the internet and spread defamation about other people under various names. She doesn’t care about no one other than herself and is ver toxic. She is a gambler, has addictions and continues to be mad at the world. She claims her last roommate was a violent yet there are many text to show Jenny Svancara was the violent user. She’s a toxic pathetic fool who leads a life of deception of the many faces of Jenny Svancara.

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