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Jess Gomosky

Jess Gomosky. This is the homewrecker who broke up my marriage. Her name is Jess. She uses everyone for money and then ditches them. She not only broke up my marriage, but also my husband’s brothers relationship as well. She loves keeping it in the family. She started with my husband over 18 years ago, then went on to his brother, after that didn’t work out, she moved on to their step brother. She has 2 kids with him, who she don’t take care of, then went on to my father n law. The whole time she continued messing around with my husband and his brothers. She is a dirty w***e. She gets caught cheating all the time when she gets in a relationship. She also had threesomes with my husband and his friends. I wish I would of known all this at the beginning of our marriage because I definitely wouldn’t of stayed 15 years. If you want to get laid, just show cash, like $5, and you’re in. Her number is 570-294-3978. Text or call her,, I’m sure you’ll have a good time. Her email is Adidas0069@hotmail.com. She is living in her camper with my husband in different camp grounds around berks and lehigh County in Pennsylvania. She stays with her mom in North Carolina too. She also got a job with my husband now, I guess they both need to keep eyes on each other because neither can be trusted.

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