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Jolynn Graham Farr – Tucson, AZ

by USA Homewreckers

JoJo might have been in the Military Service, but there is no way she is disabled. What she had done was use Gofundme as a means to support her, because she refuses to get up off her lazy, fat ass and get a job. She lies and cheats people! And she expects them to support her. Jojo used Gofundme, asking for help, because she has a spending problem. She lives beyond her means, and she struggles to pay her rent every month.

Jojo also uses her son, Kaember, by making him work seven days a week, to support her. Jojo won’t let him grow up, move out, and have a life of his own. She takes all of his money and leaves hm with nothing!

Jojo has also tried to sabotage a happily married man’s reputation by saying he impregnated her daughter, when he didn’t. Jojo’s daughter was never pregnant. Her daughter lives thousands of miles away from this guy, so it’s impossible. It’s clear that Jojo is mentally unhinged. She uses her grown children as means of support and also as ammunition to fire back at other people, whenever she feels threatened.

Jolynn Farr lives at Elevate Apartments in Tucson and the people who live there try to avoid her, because she is a user and a troublemaker.

This narcissistic woman is a liar, cheater, and a selfish, unstable woman. Beware of her and don’t let her know who you are.

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