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Kristen Barnes Aka Aleah Jasmine

by Expose USA Homewreckers
Kristen Barnes Aka Aleah Jasmine

Kristen Barnes Aka Aleah Jasmine. Meet Aleah Jasmine. Her main career is pornhub and cam girl. Never had a real job. She had a one night stand and ended up keeping the baby so she could get paid for 18 years. Drops her son off with her mom instead of His father on weekends so she can go ride skinny men’s d1ck on green seadoos. Told her son she’s a “model”.. reality is 13 years later still doesn’t let the Father see his child. Recently said [REDACTED] was the reason that Son cannot see his dad but now she’s blaming it on not getting child support, which The father asked every weekend for a year to see his son. She won’t follow court orders but wants him to keep paying child support. The kids’ 13 now and she still is searching google trying to find any information she can to let people know the father has a “warrant” and be aware and turn him in. If you want a good time find her pu55y everywhere on social media, I’m sure if you own a seadoo you can also fuk her a55! She’s so fake she literally can’t see her own reflection in the mirror.

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