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Laura Cesspool

by Expose USA Homewreckers
Laura Cesspool

Laura Cesspool. Fake as fuk watch out this head was friends with a good friend of mine and she went around talking sh1t behind her back the pathetic thing is my friend told me all the shady things shes said about ppl and done yet she still kept her mouth shut and hasn’t exposed you. even after all the sh1t she heard you were saying but I’m going too. Maybe you should learn to keep your mouth shut about other people and lay of the pepsi. Ive heard so many sick stories about her cheating on her baby daddy and lying to him get some class you trash bag it isn’t a good look with all that filler the only thing guys would want from a nasty b1tch like you is some a55. Word around town is she loves doing Pepsi at work while caring for handicapped people thats pretty sick and twisted if you ask me. Watch out guys she will date you for your money and use you to supplement her life meanwhile will be off lying cheating doing Pepsi while you think shes at work.

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