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Lauren Foresythe PULL OUT GAME REAK

by Expose USA Homewreckers
Lauren Foresythe PULL OUT GAME REAK

Lauren Foresythe PULL OUT GAME REAK. This dirty slore is the worst friend you could ever find. She goes back and forth talking sh1t about each friend and hops on their boyfriends d1ck faster then the go train. I also heard her pu55y stinks really bad by multiple people, go to a doctor girl, clean that sh1t before you start having stuff grow off of it. You can just tell she’s dirty as soon as you look at her face, the girl looks like a fuking hammer head shark. I feel bad for her (kidding) her ex boyfriend got with someone else and they are happy now after she decided to cheat on him with one of his buddies right after she had a fuking miscarriage. Then his buddy didn’t want her stinky pu55y either and threw her to the side, he also said her loud a55 mouth got to him and he couldn’t stand her any longer… This girl is just flat out disgusting. i’ve heard her run around saying the N word like it’s nothing and telling people to off themselves. Go chisel your panties before you even speak nasty b1tch. Everybody beware of her, you’ll have her for less than a week before you find out you’ll have a reak pull out game & be so annoyed your ears will fall off. Last thing, get your pepperoni nips looked at by a doc h0e, get him to cut your vocal cords aswell. i could forever go on about this repulsive little sl00t.

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