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Maranda Blackburn

by Expose USA Homewreckers
Maranda Blackburn

Maranda Blackburn. is going around spreading vanilla drds because drds and she don’t give a damn she don’t even make a guy to use condoms or nothing it’s a nasty sk@nk you know there’s worse women down to the flying j truck stop that’s where the hell she should be at least they’re getting paid down there doing it she’s out there just giving the sh1t away she can’t keep a man more than a week cuz she’s on another one she cheats on her man even found a condom inside of her and that’s a that’s a guaranteed answer there it’s guaranteed deal he found a condom inside her I got wind of it when he told me about her having been there with drds so I’m coming on here just to let everybody know she’s a dirty nasty b1tch and she’ll take your money she’ll steal anything you got

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