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Netflix — World War II in Colour

by usaHomewrecker

Netflix — World War II in Colour

Yesterday was Remembrance Day so I sat down to use my family Netflix account to watch WWII in Colour. My expectations were high due to being a legion member and history buff. After watching 7 episodes I was disgusted and enraged. For a program offered on a Canadian program, it did not mention my influential country once! The British Air Force was trained on Canadian soil but this was completely left out! All of the Canadian impact on the war and influence was labelled under American or British deeds in this series! As a Canadian I am disgusted at this American propaganda peddled off as entertainment or historical fact! This is insulting to my country, veterans and naive Canadian youth whom may mistake this garbage for accurate fact.

Netflix should be ashamed of itself!

Netflix Customer Service
Netflix Canada, United States

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