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Renaud Tirfoin, Vice-President Capgemini Invent HPV sociopath

by USA Homewreckers

75012 PARIS 12
Birthday: 06/25/1984

Renaud Tirfoin at Capgemini is a sociopath who loves to cheat on women with other men! Renaud f**ked his co-worker Patrick Pouyanné, and has been caught at work sucking each other off. Ethics committee members who went through Renaud’s office PC found tons of his pictures in thongs doing some unimaginable things. They also found tons of saved messages and screenshots of his conversations on Facebook talking about sex vacations with other men in Thailand. Renaud has been spreading HPV because he cheats on every woman that he dates. He gets bored and moves on to the target to stroke his massive ego. Once a cheating STD spreader always a cheating STD spreader. Rot in hell, you STD filled pus bags.


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