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Rhonda Payne Con Artist – Manipulator

by usaHomewrecker
Rhonda Payne Con Artist – Manipulator

Be aware of this woman she uses and takes advantage of others. She as taken thousands of dollars from a friend of mine and she is using her friendship with her to manipulate her. She can’t even afford to support her cigarette habit and pay her bills and her rent. She does not work she says she supports herself by making costumes of monsters as in “predator” costumes and sells them. But yet she never rehimburses the money she as borrowed. The amount of money she owes my friend is staggering. She is truly one to watch out for. She also trolls men online and meets them for sex and also phone sex. Why don’t you get a real job like most of you so you can pay your own bills and your rent and buy your own cigarettes instead of using my friend for money to pay your bills, your rent and your cigarettes Rhonda Payne. Have a good look at her face …

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