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by usaHomewrecker
Ron Perry – Ronald Perry @ MERL

*UPDATED INFO* Any claims made in this post have supporting history, proofs, and documents available.

*If you’re his current victim with whom he lives or someone who’s actively being love-bombed on the side, please know that he has at least 3 cell phones that he hides and keeps in his office. He uses his countless ‘work meetings’ and ‘crazy work schedule’ to make time to cheat. He also travels outside of MA to neighboring states via train/bus/Uber—for his many ‘work meetings and projects’—to meet up with multiple women who he meets on sugardaddy.com and adultfriendfinder.com while keeping and living with his ‘primary supply’ in her home. There are no daily work meetings at 6AM he claims to have Mondays through Sundays.
* If you’re his past/current victim–who he managed to charm, lie, deceit, and hook with his fake facade–and came across this post, please get tested for STDs for he refuses to use protection during intercourse despite his addiction to using prostitutes and having multiple partners.
*Three of his previous partners have suffered the loss of 6 unborn babies in total due to his manipulation and lies.
*A series of his failed relationships—which excludes his flings, short-term relationships—include one divorce and six broken engagements all due to him getting caught lying, cheating, and manipulating. Even his own family has cut him out of their lives for all the lying, manipulation, and the hurt he has caused them. This is the reason why he never has a place to go on holidays.
*He has an addiction to teenager porn. As disturbing as this is to most normal people, he has been caught in recording justifying this and continues with this addiction.
*Despite being in his 60s, he seeks to date women in their 20s by lying about his age and using money to hook them in the beginning. Scroll down for his birthday.
*I cannot stress this enough: Every word out of his mouth is a lie regardless of subject. This is a man who even lies about what he had for lunch. Please educate yourselves on NPD- being overly charming and attentive in the beginning are the ways narcissists hook you, as well as extremely fast-moving relationship. Narcissists like himself are completely aware of their actions and lies. Don’t believe for one second that he has caused hurt and pain on his family and previous partners unintentionally. At least one of his partners ended up in the hospital ICU because of him, and he refused to visit despite him being the reason. He will fake his own psychiatric facility admission to numerous hospitals, panic attacks, nervous breakdowns, and even threaten suicide—which are all lies and multiple police units from different towns have been involved in the past due to his [empty] suicide threats to his partners—but he will not come through for anyone when they’re legitimately in need of help.
*As of 2020, his job as been on the rocks for the past 2 years. Therefore, if you’re his current victim with whom he lives or someone who’s actively being love-bombed on the side, he is using you for your money and a place to live. He has been trying to find someone who he can live off of for the rest of his remaining life. He’d rather pay $2K/month as his contribution to rent to live with you and sleep around with multiple women than get his own place, because he simply doesn’t know how to be alone. He still attempts to reach out to his exes– who all have gone no contact–while being in multiple relationships currently.
-If you’re his past/current victim–who he managed to charm, lie, deceit, and hook with his fake facade–and came across this post, please feel free to leave a comment below as well as your contact info if you want, and I’ll respond to provide visible and audible proofs and etc.

-If you’re his current victim with whom he lives or someone who’s actively being love-bombed on the side, please educate yourselves on [covert] Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD)- everything from the 3 stages of ‘idealize, devalue, discard’ to manipulation tactics such as ‘pathological lying, word salad, gaslighting, deflection, and projection’, and the incurability of this pathological disorder.

-If you’re his current victim with whom he lives or someone who’s being actively love-bombed on the side, know that he has chosen you specifically for your gullibility–all of his exes have figured him out–and your willingness to put him up in your house for free/very minimal contribution to rent as well as for your money. His job security has been on the rocks for the past 2 years so naturally, he has been afraid of losing his income and not having a place to live for the rest of his life since he knows he can’t get a new job at his age.

-Warning! : If you’re his current victim who has provided him with housing, the only way you’ll be able to get him out of your life is by sending him a simple message indicating that you no longer wish to see him and that if he contacts you or comes near you in any way, you’ll call the police and get a restraining order against him. But please do this without any warning; otherwise, he will try every tactic in the book and make it impossible and miserable. Also, change your number since he WILL call and message you from different app-only numbers and if he has a copy of the house key, change your locks as well. He keeps all the old keys to his exes’ houses. And afterwards, if you have children, please monitor their social media accounts so that they’re not posting any public pictures that might show your current relationship status, whereabouts, and lifestyles of you and your family. He cyber-stalks all of his exes and their children; regardless how long ago the breakup happened. If you have teenage girls, take extra precaution since he has an addiction to teenage pornography.

-Warning! : The only way his exes have successfully gotten him out of their lives when they tried to end their relationships after being repeatedly cheated on by him with multiple women and prostitutes is by calling the police and threatening him with restraining orders. He is that persistent and will try any tactic, tell every lie, cry, and even fake heart attack symptoms, anxiety and panic attacks, pretend to admit himself to an inpatient psychiatric facility, and threaten with self-harm and suicide. Do not believe any of this. It is all fake regardless how real it seems at the time. All of his exes learned this the hard way by wasting combined time of 55+ years on him.

-Do not let his career as a computer scientist at Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories, MERL, fool you. Yes, he co-invented Adaptively Sampled Distance Fields, ADFs, and the Saffron Type System; however, he was never the ‘co-owner’ of the startup he claims to have built and sold. Rather, he was simply hired as an independent contractor.


-Full name: Ronald N Perry (goes by Ron)
-Job: Computer scientist at Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories (MERL) in Cambridge, MA
-Born: April 10, 1959
-Height: claims to be 5′ 11″ but is actually 5′ 9″ even with his every day running shoes
-He’s the textbook case of someone with Narcissistic Personality Disorder(NPD)
-As a ‘covert’ narcissist–vs ‘overt’ who is easier to spot–he’s been successful at fooling everyone he meets and knows.
-Every other word out of his mouth is a lie regardless how believable they may seem
-He uses women for housing/place to stay and sleep for free or for very minimal contribution.
-He has cheated on his ex-wife–while she was pregnant with their child–and after divorce, every single one of his long-term partners and other girlfriends with multiple people at a time.
-Despite always having multiple partners, he refuses to use protection.
-He hires prostitutes and has an addiction to using their service.
-Whenever he gets caught cheating or finds someone else who proves to be a better ‘supply’ than his current partner who let him move into ‘her’ house, he literally finds an excuse to end the relationship abruptly in order to move into another woman’s place. However, he will always lie about having another woman/women and say he’s sleeping at his work in order to keep them hooked.
-For the reasons stated above, he hasn’t owned/rented his own place in more than 30 years.
-He will lie, charm, manipulate, and ‘love-bomb’ the ‘new supply’ in order to hook her in the beginning of relationship so that she will think he’s perfect for her. He’ll mirror her interests to make it seem they’re the perfect match.
-Literally, every other word out of his mouth is a lie and yet he uses fake tears to play the victim. If his mouth is moving, he’s lying. He even lies about committing himself to psychiatric facilities in order to make his exes feel guilty for leaving him when he gets caught cheating and lying.
-He tells everyone that his ex-wife and every one of his ex-girlfriends are crazy, bipolar, unstable, jealous, and say they’re all out to ruin his life. The common denominator is him obviously, but he goes on a ‘smear campaign’ spreading lies about his exes in order to brainwash his peers around him in case the exes decide to tell the truth about who he really is.
-Besides being addicted to teenager porn–mind you, he’ll be 61 in April 2020–he’s addicted to gym time, tanning beds, coconut lotion that smells so strong that you can smell him from a mile away.

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