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Sarah Anne Copeland

by Expose USA Homewreckers
Sarah Anne Copeland

Sarah Anne Copeland. If you have ever run into this b***h, don’t trust her. She will try to fool you into thinking that she is above board, meanwhile she will milk you for all you are worth and then discard you like a used condom. We were together for a year and come to find out now not only did she have a husband the whole time, but two children as well. She took all my money and it’s only recently that I found out her real name because she was going by Gwen when we were together. She works for Butler transportation as an ambulance driver and she steals drugs constantly to keep her habit for uppers satisfied. When I found out some of the things that she had done and confronted her she told all my friends and relations that I was some sort of a drug addict, and played the victim like you would not believe. She will act like she’s smart, but she’s not she’s just conniving. She will use big words that she doesn’t actually know and try to convince you you should trust her because life is just been so unfair to her, meanwhile she has her eyes set on your cash and cares about no one but herself. The fact that I didn’t even know she had children just goes to show that she will abandon anyone or anything that she has responsibility to so that she gets to do what she wants to do. She is a great liar and we’ll do it straight to your face without blinking. She will steal everything you have from you and then find a way to convince everyone else that you are the monster not her. Don’t fall for this s**t. The only thing she genuinely cares about is money and herself, people are just a means to that end. I once saw her kick a little boy in the chest that came up and tugged on her coat sleeve, maybe thinking it was his mom, and yelled at him I quote “f**k off you little s**t”. The kid was maybe like five and I should have known right then what she was about. Once you find out what she’s stolen from you suddenly it’s going to become incredibly hard to get ahold of her. You’ll find yourself met with wall after wall after wall of intermediaries barring the way to finding out what’s going on. This is because her trash family of garbage human beings are exactly the same as she is and are totally complicit with her. To sum things up don’t trust a thing that she says and watch out for manipulation and conniving to a degree that you could not possibly imagine a human being was capable of. I’m generally one to forgive and forget, but I hope she dies in a fire.

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