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Scentmatchers — Supposed match only smells of alcohol and drain cleaner!!!

by usaHomewrecker

This isn’t even in the same solar system as the fragrance of supposedly matches. Doesn’t even smell like perfume. This was to be a special Christmas present for my daughter – it’s also her birthday. The perfume we were trying to find was very special for a variety of deep personal reasons — not unlike many other people here I’m sure. This season was esp. important because she’s been dealing w. a serious and unexpected health issue in her family ( a wonderful husband and my 3 fabulous grandchildren).
I was beyond shocked that this company produced such an unbelievably shoddy product but refused any recompense after charging $90 for it!!! I am living on a small amount of social security (I qualify for food stamps!) And have health issues of my own – serious and chronic- thank God for Medicaid. I saved for a year to buy this for my child . I admit it was foolish to trust what looked like a wonderful opportunity to bring a bit of nostalgic happiness in this season. But this product is so exceptionally vile it’s completely unusable — any of my cleaning products smell better.
If there is any legal action being put together to try and get people’s money rightfully refunded I’d be so grateful to know about it and would add my name to any lawsuit ect. This has caused me financial distress and emotional pain . I’m in my 70’s and definitely feel taken advantage of and flat out scammed.

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