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The Salvation Army USA — The Manager accused me of stealing.

by usaHomewrecker

The Salvation Army USA — The Manager accused me of stealing.

11-11-2019 I was at the registered checking out, when the manager ran over and told the cashier that the price on the coat was incorrect. She further explained that she was the one who priced the coat. I replied that the coat was torn and that a salvation army worker was called from the back and she had re-priced the coat. The cashier confirmed that that was the truth. Then the manager proceeded to say was I going to pay for the hat that I was wearing. I told her that I came in the store with the hat on. I was at the salvation army two weeks prior. She said that I didn’t come in wearing the hat, because she seen me enter the store via cameras that are in her office.
I told her I was wearing a hood, and she couldn’t have seen me on any cameras because I walked passed her and she and some other employees were trying to get a bird out of the store. She continued to humiliate me arguing and so forth. She then asked me for a receipt for the hat. I couldn’t produce my receipt at the time, but I purchased the hay with my debit card. I have never been so humilated in my life, I deserve an apology, and she needs more customer service training. She had even threathen to call the police on my boyfriend, because he asked her a question about me stealing the hat. I’m taking my story to the news. I will be stopping back at the salvation to show my purchase via my debit card. I have donated and shop with the salvation army for years, but after that performance from a manager I will no longer visit any salvation army stores.
The Salvation Army USA Customer Service
2270 n Clybourn ave Chicago, Il 60614, United States

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