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The True Colors Of Heidi Liddell (Chuck Liddells WIfe)

by Expose USA Homewreckers
The True Colors Of Heidi Liddell (Chuck Liddells WIfe)

The True Colors Of Heidi Liddell (Chuck Liddells WIfe). Heidi Northcott better known these days as Heidi Liddell. Let’s break it down for everyone, shall we…Heidi is a former professional poker player from Orange County, with a family history of mental illness. Before quickly marrying Chuck Liddell, She dated Jose Canseco, and well, we all know how that ended as it is all over the tabloids on how toxic and unstable their relationship was. Jose Canseco stated, “she is a liar and a thief” posted on a tweet in 2011. This was one of the many tweets posted during their Twitter war that year. Some say Heidi’s ammo is money others say it’s relevant with a side of the grandiose sense of self-importance, and a sense of entitlement. She is known to manipulate her way into business deals that later on result in failure. With 2 failed toxic relationships where she claims to be the victim and a number of failed business deals, Heidi found her golden ticket when she started dating former UFC legend, Chuck Liddell in his prime. She managed to convince the fighter to quickly marry her, and adopt her 1st born. not long after, she birthed 2 children in consecutive years who now are caught in the middle of this whole recent incident fiasco.  Chuck Liddell lost his office job with the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). he admitted this set fire under him with his wife. How did this happen you may ask. Following aHall of Fame career, Liddell was offered a job with the UFC as a “thank you” from UFC president Dana White and the Fertitta brothers. Once WME-IMG took over, Liddell was released from his position left with nothing. This is where the story gets ugly and Heidi starts showing her true colors. Once the fighter lost this lifetime opportunity, the problems began rolling in at home, Heidibecame gradually verbally aggressive, and over the years she became verbally abusive no matter who was around or where they were at the time. In more recent events various anonymous sources say, Heidi started to display some erratic and very impulsive behavior amongst their hidden hills circle, it all seemed very strange as Often times Heidi would make negative remarks about Chuck, calling him a disgusting loser, and claiming their relationship had come to an end, but confusing enough, she would, later on, show up by his side at public events and private functions. As time went on, her appearances alongside Chuck started to fade and her relevance as Mr. Liddell’s better half had completely dissolved. it is evident their relationship drama had become the talk of the town, with her dysfunctional behavior contradictory and very inconsistent stories about the current status of their relationship. a source says she has been planning this for months, “She made several remarks to various sources that she would ruin chucks reputation, take the house, the money and get full custody of the children” and now this happened. The night of the domestic violence incident, The Liddell family attended a hidden hill private function, attendees say Mr. Liddell looked sad, Heidi offered him an alcoholic beverage and brought it to the table. Later on, her demeanor suddenly changed, and was last seen leaving the private event. As Chuck Liddell’sstatement described the night of the incident, it is safe to say all signs point to yes, Chuck Liddell is the victim of a mental health case and of course, we knew this was coming, Liddell has filed for divorce. As you all know, Heidi claims to be the victim of assault, yet she has been spotted playing tennis and working out as nothing happened. This puts her statement of being “hurt” in question, I mean, have you seen Chuck Liddell? This man is 6”2 over 200+ where Heidi is 5” and 100+ let alone his resume. One swing of this man would put anyone in the hospital. We will soon know what really happened, as police reports don’t lie. Sources say to expect some bazaar stories are to hit the public eye coming from HeidiLiddell. “Pay close attention, none of what she says makes sense, everything is overly exaggerated and if you compare the written statements versus what she says, you can really read in between the lines and see that she is sick and very unstable. “She truly believes her own lies” She will say anything to get her way, it is all very sad.”(anonymous source). Weare keeping our eyes open for this case to go public, and from that point forward we can make our own conclusions as to what really happened the night of the incident. As for now, we keep this family in our prayers and let justice take its course.

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