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Tina Gonzales Looking For True Love With Your Husband

by Expose USA Homewreckers
Tina Gonzales Looking For True Love With Your Husband

Tina Gonzales Looking For True Love With Your Husband. I hate you.  I hate you you homewrecking fuking little B1TCH! You fuking messed with my family and while I never generally hate anyone, I hate you.  There is no compassion for you what-so-ever! I hope you are miserable and lonely and that you contract a communicable drd.  I hope you grow up, and get married and find perfect happiness with a loving, responsible and caring man.  Someone who will fulfill all your dreams, and fantasies and expectations.  I hope you have many children, and that you build a perfect life together.  I hope you have a beautiful home with years worth of memories and holidays and occasions celebrated within its walls.  And then when you least expect it, I hope some fuking homewrecking 22 year old slore comes along and fuks your husband without any consideration for you or the life that you built.  I hope she steals him away and never comes back to you.  I hope she spends all the assets that you and your husband have accumulated over your many years of marriage and then I hope she puts your husband so in debt that he can’t pay his way out of a paper bag.  And then I hope she sets her sight on your home and decides that she wants it for herself.  And then after the divorce, I hope they get married on your birthday while you cry into your drink after you have become a raging lunatic alcoholic.  I hope you never find love or happiness again and that you die lonely and miserable like the crazy, callous, hateful, uncaring cvnt that you are.  I also hope that your husband fuks you after making sweet passionate love to his 22 year old mistress and that you contract a nasty DRDs that can’t be cured with anti-biotics.  I also hope that everyone in your life learns about how nasty and disgusting you are and that you never have a day of peace because of what you did to my family. Do I seem angry? It’s likely because I am.  But the good news for me is that my husband came to his senses and realized that you weren’t worth it.  You weren’t worth the effort or the sacrifice or losing everything that truly mattered.  You weren’t worth the risk.  You weren’t special enough, and no matter what he told you, you weren’t the one.  You were temporary. It was shameful and nasty and horrible.  But I was a good wife.  you were completely complicit in this fuking side-show of an interaction that attempted to ruin my family.  You knew he was married.  You knew he had kids.  You knew that we were at home waiting for him.  And you didn’t fuking care.  You pursued him and lured him and you let things happen that should never have happened.  You did things with my husband that you had no right to do.  You stole time from me that you had no right to take.  You stole my children’s father. You robbed us of our dreams and our hope, if only for a little while.  You fuking b1tch cvnt slore.  Words can not even begin to describe what I actually think of you. But I am resolved to leave you in the dust.  I am not giving you any more power over our life.  I am not allowing you any more real estate in my head.  But I hope you are proud of yourself.  I hope that when you go to sleep at night you are reminded of what a sk@nky, nasty, dirty, homewrecking little girl you are.  I hope you are plagued with guilt for the rest of your life.  And I hope that you always remember that you were a fuking b1tch…correction…ARE a fuking b1tch! I hate you for what you could have stolen from me.  But you didn’t. You couldn’t. As much as I am hurt by what my husband did, I would rather fix the marriage that was broken and work toward restoring our hope and dreams because I love him and want him.  I can forgive him, and the most important thing is, is that he chose me…because he loved me and not you. So fuk you b1tch. I hope you never do to another woman what you did to me, because no other woman deserves what you did…except whoever screws you over…I hope she comes along and screws you almost as hard as she screws your future husband.

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