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Tracy Fitzgerald

by Expose USA Homewreckers
Tracy Fitzgerald

Tracy Fitzgerald.  This girl is CRAZY!! If she approaches you RUN!! She is a walk-in drds!! If she’s not stalking u she will be calling the police telling them Lies about u, probably because u only wanted her to suck your c0ck!! This child is mentally unstable, she should be taking medication. She suffered from extreme low self esteem. You can see it in the way her jowls hang. WARNING: Anyone who entertains Ms Pooffa will have nothing but drama.. This Psycho will ask u to pull Her hair and choke her and then call The police on u. She also uses her children as an excuses to excuse her wickedness. Her name is TRACY FITZGERALD…… RUN FOREST RUN.. THIS H0E AINT FUN, SHE GOT NOTHING BUT FUNGUS ON BOTH TONGUES

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