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Trisha Lowe Biggest H0e Around Town

by Expose USA Homewreckers
Trisha Lowe Biggest H0e Around Town

Trisha Lowe Biggest H0e Around Town.  Hello everyone, I am writing this to warn you about this girl Trisha (Steele) Lowe she lives in Dubuc Saskatchewan, she tends to go to Melville, Yokton and Estherhazy. Reason I am writing this is because there has been a lot of relationships she has broken. If this girl finds your man attractive she will flirt with them and will try to fuk them. She will tell you that she is single but she really isn’t. She will get you high (atleast that part was fun) and won’t even give you a chance to say no, Her sex aka GRINDING SUCKS!! My d1ck didn’t go hard whatsoever as her grinding hurt and fukin sucked , second time was the same thing but she tried a handjob and it felt like she was gonna rip it off (so if you guys are into pain and want no d1ck than she is your girl). I told her to stop after 1 min and this all happened on a gravel road in her vehicle by the dump which makes sense as she is trash LOL. You cannot tell this girl she is horrible at grindning and sex as she will yell at you and say her pu55y is the best one out there she does really think she is the hottest person on earth , some people will prob think she is but my opinion no. My d1ck never went in and was not even close and if you do her wear ear plugs as her so called moaning sounds like a dying horse. she would message other guys in front of me or whoever to ask for sex she has taken so much plan b cause this girl right here doesn’t like condoms so it wouldn’t surprise me if she had an drd. If you tell her no flirting or sex she will keep asking and asking and when you say no over and over again she as a temper tantrum about it, she will also tell you that your gf doesnt have to know about it.

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