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Ugly Easy Plastic Mary Rodriguez

by Expose USA Homewreckers
Ugly Easy Plastic Mary Rodriguez

Ugly Easy Plastic Mary Rodriguez.  The biggest pick me, girl, ever. Failed baker so she has to turn cheap tricks instead. Worst plastic surgery, with hair extensions you can spot from a mile away, and a piss poor attitude. She masks her horrible breath with a handful of breath mints. When she not doing guys in the strip club she is making her rounds downtown. She has a total of 4 outfits now(one more than last year) and no furniture in her home. Her poor dog is in a kennel for hours while she turns tricks downtown or in the club. Her issues stem from her parents not wanting her. She can’t keep friends whatsoever. She may have one friend? Maybe two because her friend’s husband feels so bad that everyone hates her. If she can find a way to screw someone or screw someone over for a quick buck she definitely will! Beware of this skank and her smelly DRD Arby’s sandwich. If her scary botched plastic surgery doesn’t scare you away her personality definitely will.

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