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by Expose USA Homewreckers

Winnipegs #1 Thot ELLARIE ANNE KIRTON. Check out this disgusting female ELLARIE KIRTON . This pepsi slore will do anything it takes to get a line of bl0w up that nose of hers ellarie is a cheap floozy that sells herself to get her bags . This scummy bag of sh1t likes to ruin relationships because shes so miserable and unhappy with her life this b1tch is mental and likes to smash up all her ex bfs belongings and beat on these guys but then when she gets herself punched out she calls the cops and cries wolf . Ellarie is an alcoholic and got fired from being a health care aid because she kept showing up to her shifts all methed out . this goof talks so much sh1t about everyone and posted multiple females on the dirty so tell me now how it feels ? Shes a breeding ground for drds , shes had drds for over 2 years and never bothered getting checked after knowing she had it . could only imagine what kind of for life drds she has now . But this really shows that that apple doesnt fall far from the tree and evidence of what ur junkie mother put you through so sad but ellaries ur a grimey sl00t and kirton’s are DISGUSTING

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